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What is a Lease Agreement?

The lease agreement form in the province of Quebec is determined by the housing court and the use of this form is mandatory when renting an apartment and house or even a room of an apartment or house. This form lists all the items and rules of the lease and the parties to the contract (landlord and tenant) are obliged to respect them. This form can be obtained online from the Quebec 2 Publishing website or from the administrative court sales office or from bookstores and pharmacies and costs $ 1.99.


Personal information required for rent by the landlord

When applying for a rental property, the owner of the identification documents he / she needs is as follows:

An ID card with or without a photo, such as a driver’s license, medical insurance card, national card 3, or passport, but the owner does not have the right to copy the ID card and keep it in the tenant file.
Address of current residence plus contact information of the owner or person in charge of the building as well as address of previous residence plus contact information of the owner or person in charge of the building (previous address and contact information of previous owner if any)
The landlord can validate the tenant if the person consents. And if the applicant is not satisfied with the rent, he can ask for a validation report. In this case, the applicant is obliged to submit his / her validation report to the owner.

And after getting all the said information, the landlord does the necessary checks and then decides whether to rent the place to the applicant or not.

Students and newcomers to Canada

In the event that the applicant for rent is a newcomer to Canada or a foreign student, as a result he has no rent history in Canada and no credit history in Canada, and in these cases the applicant must be able to convince the landlord that he is able to pay on time. Has full rent. And for this purpose, if he has a deposit in his bank account, he can show his bank account 6 to the owner. Or if he is employed, a letter stating that he is employed, or if a person who is employed and has a credit card 7 in Canada can guarantee the applicant.

Sign and lease agreement

If the applicant has the necessary conditions for the lease and these conditions are approved by the landlord, the landlord is required to prepare a lease agreement in which all the conditions of the lease will be set. And if these conditions are approved by the applicant, he will sign the lease agreement. The execution contract consists of two copies, the first copy belongs to the owner and the second copy belongs to the tenant.

Renewal of the lease agreement

The lease is usually one year. But this does not mean that the tenant is obliged to vacate the rented property for one year. The tenant can choose to stay at the lease at any time after the end of the first year, there is no need to write a new contract, and the same contract can be automatically renewed. And will remain in force. From three to six months before the end of the contract period, the landlord is obliged to give an official letter to the tenant by registered mail or in person, and if he delivers it to the tenant in person, this letter


It must have two copies, the first of which must be signed by the tenant when the tenant is delivered, and the date must be included, and this copy belongs to the owner. The content of this letter should be as follows:

Increase in rent for next year: Of course, the landlord has the right to increase the rent by a certain amount, depending on the expenses he made for that housing unit during the last year and the inflation in Quebec, which is according to a specific table. Which is declared by the housing court should be calculated and not at the discretion of the owner
Extension of the lease under the new conditions