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Lease renewal letter: what you need to know!

The tenant has up to one month from the date of receipt of the lease extension letter to respond to that letter. And in case of non-response, the lease will be automatically renewed with the new conditions. There are three options for the tenant to answer:

Accept new terms and renew the lease, in which case there is usually no need to respond and the lease is automatically renewed with the new terms.
Not accepting the new terms but with the extension of the lease, in which case the landlord must agree or the landlord will file a case in the housing court where the landlord and tenant court will be formed and the landlord must add reasons. Provide the lease or changes to the terms of the lease, and the judge decides whether these terms and the addition of the lease are legal or not, and if the landlord is given the right, the landlord can charge the tenant for the costs incurred before the court is formed. Slowly
Notice of eviction at the end of the lease term: For this purpose, the tenant must send a formal letter to the landlord by registered mail informing him of his destination. You must also keep the custom post receipt.