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Rights and duties of tenant and landlord in the province of Quebec

The first duty of every tenant is to pay the rent in full at the time and place stated in the lease. If the place of receiving the money is not specified in the lease, it is the duty of the landlord to refer to the relevant address to receive the rent at the specified time. If another place for rent is specified in the lease, it is the tenant’s duty to pay the rent in full at the specified time and place. It is necessary to receive a receipt from the landlord in case of cash payment of rent, and in case of non-cash payment, there must be a way to prove payment of rent. It is recommended that the lease receipt be kept for up to three years. The tenant is obliged to pay the rent to the landlord whose name is on the lease or to the person selected by the landlord to collect the rent. The ways of paying the rent are usually specified in the lease, which are as follows:

electronic payment

As mentioned before, in case of cash payment, the rent must be received from the landlord, and in case of non-cash payment, there must be a way to prove the rent payment. It is recommended that the receipt or proof of payment be kept for up to three years. The landlord does not have the right to request payment of rent before the deadline. Only at the time of signing the lease agreement is the tenant obliged to pay the first amount earlier than the start of the lease agreement. Only with the consent of the tenant can the landlord request pre-rent rent checks each month for the duration of the lease.

Failure to pay rent

In case of non-payment in full and on the date stated in the lease, the landlord can file a case in the Housing Court 3 to request the rent and related costs and the amount of interest that will be included. And if the rent is delayed for more than three weeks, the landlord can cancel the lease in addition to requesting the arrears and the related costs and interest included, and also request an eviction order from the housing court. Other duties of the tenant:

Take care of the rented property and do not damage it and keep it as clean as possible.
There was no change in the structure of the leased property.
Allow the owner access when repairs are needed at a specified time.
The landlord has the right to visit the leased property for a period of time (every few months) and the tenant must work with them to pay the rent.
The tenant has no right to change the entrance lock of the house without consulting the landlord.
The tenant has no right to make too much noise (so as to disturb other neighbors).
The tenant must notify the landlord as soon as possible in the event of any breakdown of the leased property.
The tenant must complete the eviction when leaving and moving the property, leaving nothing, and must deliver as the leased place has been delivered.