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Transfer the lease to another person

It has been observed many times that tenants will be forced to relocate due to new circumstances in their lives. Now, if the transfer is pre-arranged, the tenant can notify the landlord at least three months before the expiration of the lease and vacate the property on that date. But in some cases, these relocations are unexpected and the tenant can not stay in the property until the end of his lease and is forced to vacate the property. It should be noted that the tenant is liable for the lease he has signed and is obliged to pay the full amount of the rent to the landlord by the end of the lease term, even if he does not live in the property. Therefore, in cases where the tenant is forced to vacate the property before the expiration of the lease, it is suggested that an agreement be reached with the landlord if possible and that the landlord consent. In some cases, the landlord will be satisfied with the eviction, or will pay the rent for one, two months, or finally three months. If the landlord does not agree to the cancellation of the lease, the tenant can replace the person. It should be noted that this replacement must be done with the consent of the landlord, otherwise this replacement is not legal and the landlord can evict the replaced tenant and claim damages from the original tenant. It should be noted that even if the landlord consents to the replacement tenant, the original tenant will still be liable for the lease until the end of the lease term. For example, if the surrogate tenant refuses to pay the rent, the original tenant will be responsible for paying the rent.